Acoustic absorber

Acoustic absorber

Acoustic sound absorber, also called soundwave3D panel, is 100% made of polyester felt with hot press technology to achieve different kind of shapes. It not only takes full use of the original performances of polyester, but also brings new style and elegant decorative appearance.

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Acoustic sound absorber can be said the most successful innovation on this material, which has been used in many countries with different projects, and get very good feedback. More and more people want to use this kind of panel.

Polyester 3D panel, is light weight sound absorber, which bring quite space and elegant environment to life and working.

It includes 19 designs with 20 colors for choice.

Dimension:   A: 250*250*60mm

B: 500*500*60mm

C: 400*600*45mm

D: 540*900*45mm

E: 600*600*74mm

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