Acoustic Room Divider

Acoustic Room Divider

Comfortable working space not only bring the high efficiency, but also related to the health of employee. Therefore, elegant looking and good absorption materials will be fallen into the eyes of consumers. Polyester fiber acoustic material will be the best choice, which can be original texture or fabric covered. This PET acoustic room dividers can be standed or movable. More function is, it can be assembled with continous panels to bring large privacy space.

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Noise is a global occupational hazard that does not have to go untreated.  Acoustic panels tick off all the boxes for reducing noise in an open office without cluttering the space. The benefits of acoustic panels

  • It creates a comfortable office space that employees will want to work in therefore upping employee performance and motivation.
  • Provide privacy for personal conversation and work without compromising the open office plan.
  • Reducing echo will take away sound interference that will better foster interpersonal communication and work without being distracted by other day-to-day office activities.
  • Avoid personal health-related issues like increased stress.
  • Take the opportunity to not only better the work-place environment but enhance the aesthetics of the space with decorative panels or baffles.

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